Vidya Vihar Wonder Kids is one of the fastest-growing pre-school in Mandya District. We believe that every child is unique and deserves an environment that allows them to remain unique and to grow just the way they are. We aim to develop and nurture children with a safe and stimulating environment, and provide high quality integrated early education and child care in Mandya.

Our Teachers

  • Caring, nurturing teachers.

  • Excellent teachers and assistants.

  • Relaxed and personal approach.

  • Friendly caring staff.

  • Teachers with loads of experience,

  • Teacher’s passion for each individual child’s development.

Montessori Teacher training

A proper understanding of children is the best way to understand ourselves and reality around us. Children all over the world possess a miraculous physical and intellectual potential. This was realized and acknowledged only in the last few decades. This new understanding of the child should be passed on to all parents, educationists and other persons interested in children because education from the start of life could really change the present and future society . Knowledge of the child should become the center of our interest and the basis of a new form of education which serves to help human beings to reach a high level of emotional, intellectual and moral integration.

The means that we adopt to achieve this goal, be it the Montessori, Kindergarten or Nursery method, is not the most important consideration. What is more important is that the preschool child, for whom these various methods have been designed, benefits to the maximum, be it from a single method or a combination of the three methods. Having this open-minded, unbiased view, we are giving our teachers a bird’s-eye view of all the preschool methods of education

Vidya Vihar Montessori & Kindergarten Teacher Training Academy (VVMKTA) – Authorized Training Centre of IMKTA MYSORE

Our learning program

  • The wonderful, interactive kids program.

  • Constantly changing & imaginative activities.

  • Strong educational/creative learning environment.

  • Fun for kids. They enjoy a lot.

  • Centered around children’s well being & education.

Our strong sense of community

  • Community and parent involvement, environmental and social awareness and social networking for the families.

  • A great environment for children to play, socialize and meet lots of friends.

  • Very impressive effort to involve moms, dads & grandparents.

  • A sense of family first makes ‘Vidya Vihar Wonder Kids’ a warm and secure learning place for our children.